Tasting Tours

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The NSLC Wine team is passionate about their jobs and are always looking for the next great wine for Nova Scotians to enjoy. With over 60 years of combined wine tasting experience, they have created a list of their must try wines at this year’s Festival of Wines.

Tidal Bay is the first wine appellation for Nova Scotia. Take a tour of this crisp, aromatic white wine with nine available for tasting at this year's Festival.

At this year’s Festival we are celebrating our feature country Spain. From Cava, to still wines to Sherry we have lots of new Spanish wines to try. For this tasting tour our buyers have selected some of their favourite Spanish wines that are available at this year’s show.

We have some outstanding wines that are made right here in Nova Scotia. In this taste tour you you’ll enjoy 12 must try wines from wineries all across our beautiful Province.

As a Sommelier and the Senior VP & COO at the NSLC, Tim’s passion for wine extends farther than his job, it’s become a passionate part of his life. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, he’s always looking for great new wines to add to our shelves. These are his top picks for this year’s Festival of Wines.